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Tidal Wave
Tidal Wave
Natural Disaster X Payday (New Dimension's Mom)
This young buck has been a stand out since birth. His mom is rooted deeply in our program.
We feel Tidal Wave will play a big part in our future success.




Six Shooter Six Shooter
Six Shooter
Pistol Whip X Original Sin X Wrangler
Introducing a home raised buck that is as good as any we have seen.
From the day he hit the grown we knew he would join our already impressive buck line up.
Sired by the great Pistol Whip and out of an awesome Halfman doe, he should contribute in a big way to our herd!




Control Freak
Control Freak
Freak Out X Game On
We would like to say thank you to the burns family for allowing us to purchase half interest in such a powerful buck.




Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip
Guns N Roses X Down N Flames X Wrangler
Thank-you to Bronc Fleming and Kevin Mock Livestock for allowing us to purchase such a powerful buck.
Pistol Whip has what S and R needs to add one more piece to our puzzle.
Look for Pistol Whip's wethers and does in our sales.




Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster
Curly (Kelly Meat Goats- 900 son) X Norman Kohls
Thanks to Preston Farris for allowing us to purchase such a powerful buck and Glenn Martin for locating him. He brings a lot to the table mainly muscle. This is one of the thickest bucks I have had the opportunity to own. His sire is the great Kelly buck "Curly" and his dam a doe from Norman Kohls. We are very excited to have him in our program.




One Direction
One Direction
Smashmouth X Disco X 0100
One Direction is one of the most complete bucks we have had the chance to own.
He is huge topped and has the right rib shape. One of his greatest attributes is he is extreamly smooth and
extended in his design. We are excited to add him to our buck line up.



New Dimension Texas Ink

New Dimension
Texas Ink ( Tattoo X Tattoo) X 723 Chandler
This is a buck that should contribute nicely to our breeding program. He is super thick and is correct in his structure. We are very excited to start breeding him for a few kids this spring. Look for them in our spring sale.

Texas Ink
Double Bred Tattoo Son (From Glen Martin)
Thanks to Glen Martin for allowing us to use this buck. He is a double bred Tattoo son that is extremely powerful with the right rib shape. His Genetics will be rooted deeply in our breeding program.



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